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Hiya! I'm a London-based editor and writer, with a particular interest in all things entertainment, culture, arts and lifestyle. Since I moved to London in 2012, I've commissioned, written and edited pieces on YouTube, the Baftas, #MeToo, profiles of prominent figures including Latitude festival co-founder Tania Harrison, the Invictus Games, the rise in streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime, theatre reviews, restaurant openings and more. 

I've worked with brands including the Serpentine Gallery, Virgin, OCSInforma Markets, GES Events and Secret Cinema, creating dynamic, cohesive and engaging content read by thousands.

Need an editor, writer and storyteller who will strengthen your work and create a buzz around your brand? Look no further!

And yes, I've got a residence permit 


Some of my work

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We can love and celebrate an imperfect show about women coming of career age in this hellscape that is Trump’s America.


For the Serpentine Galleries rebrand for the org's 50th anniversary, I created a content strategy and tone of voice to take them into the next 50 years.

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Rök Smokehouse review | Emerald St

For dedicated carnivores, Nordic-inspired Rök Smokehouse (now closed) was a necessary pilgrimage.

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The Royal Opera House opens its doors exclusively to Access for a backstage tour ahead of the BAFTA Film Awards.

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We all deserve better than a show about a feminist false prophet who preached about #GirlBoss and screwed her employees over one at a time.

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How do you programme 10 Latitude stages in between scouting new talent, holding down a 9-to-5 and keeping your sanity?

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YouTube changed how we make and consume digital video. As it moved to Europe it 2017, we asked: can it conquer the events world?

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The Shed arrives at the NT | stageandscreeninsider

“Really our only brief was, ‘Don’t just rebuild the Cottesloe for [the NT]; do something different,’” said Jon Stevens, Creative Manager at Charcoalblue.

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